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With the housing-program "Multiformis©" (lat.: versatile) Heidenreich Gehäusetechnik GmbH & Co. KG has developed a table/desk case which offers a multitude of variations and thus can be used for the most different areas or fields of applications - just as the name says.
This construction was developed in order to offer our customers a tailor-made solution which normally would be very expensive. Inexpensive standard cases mostly have to be modified. With our "Multiformis©" we go the golden mean and offer our customers an inexpensive, high quality but still tailor-made solution.
The idea is based on two profiles which are put together in an angle between 75 to 105 degrees and screwed together with the side panels build the ground-bar. Thus a multitude of forms and sizes can be produced. Optional - provided a minimum number are to be produced - the side panels can be covered with 6mm plastic sheet which hides the screws so that they are not visible any more.
A slot on the inside of the profiles serves as an attachment for nuts or female union on which components or assembly plates can be mounted. The jacket sheets of the housing can either be fastened with screws or slid in grooves.
The cases may be mechanically fashioned, surface-finished or printed according to customer's wishes. The sizes will be defined by the customer's individual use of these cases.
We reserve the right for changes which serve the technical progress.
For further questions we are available with help and advice at any time.