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Products: » Plastic housings
Plastic housings
  • Plug-in cases Type ZA12
    with 12 terminals
  • Plug-in cases Type ZA16
    with 16 terminals
  • Plug-in cases Type ZA19
    with 19 terminals
  • Plug-in cases Type ZA25
    with 25 terminals
  • Accessories Series ZA
  • Euro-case Type CO
  • Euro-case Type CO*-H
  • Cases with terminal
    Type B12
With tool insert injected:
With the shapes ZA and CO the deep front plate area may be replaced in the injection tool. Thus, the desired hole combination may be precisely injected directly when injecting the part. At least, 1000 parts in one series must be produced and ordered in one set. You pay your share of the costs for the replacing insert in the tool. No additional handling costs will occur.The insert is stored and may be used for further orders without any additionally costs.